September Client Spotlight

Gale 72

Gale is a very kind lady who unfortunately has Parkinson’s disease, which causes her right hand to shake constantly. Gail applied for a refinance on her home, but she was denied due to her debt to income ratio. She has been living several years off of her mother’s inheritance that is now dwindling, and she was running out of cash. Fortunately, Gail was referred to me by her handyman, who was helping with repairs on her home who had recently done a Reverse Mortgage. Gail and I were able to get an updated appraisal inspection and moved forward with a Reverse Mortgage. Luckily, Gail was able to avoid having her home foreclosed. We have eliminated a monthly house payment while qualifying her for a line of credit that she can use at her discretion.

A Reverse Mortgage has provided Gail with the piece of mind that she can stay in her home and be financially comfortable. Gail described that an angel on her wall talked to her about having a Reverse Mortgage and would be successful for her future. Gail tells me that I am her angel repeatedly. I am proud to advise and assist clients through challenging situations such as this one. Please reach out, and I would love to help.

If we can answer any questions or help you with your Retirement Mortgage we would love to.

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